Adelaide multi-tasking. Dressing up and being creative with paint! 


Planning from a place of peace.

Hello precious people. Hopefully through Facebook and Skype we have kept in touch. The three of us are happy and healthy. Beth’s placement is pretty cool. She is busy on appointments with individual service users facing all sorts of issues and needing advocacy, she is working with female offenders at the women’s centre in Blackpool, helping out with the children in the domestic violence unit, and heading up the research and development department for Blackpool Advocacy. It has been life-giving, interesting, and of course compelling. Mark is still enjoying tattooing at Primal Ink and business has been good. His boss is one of our good friends now and we really enjoy that relationship. Adelaide has had a great summer. She still loves reading, dress-up, bike rides, our park down the road, popsicles, tea, her friends Sky and Mya, going to nursery, and the beach. She can write her name, which is quite incredible at 3 and a half. Overall we are being challenged, changed, just loving the growth in God. 

          ****The main reason we wanted to send this update is this****

The Hardy Party is feeling God start to really shape our time here in England. It has been amazing, miraculous, and the hugest of blessings since day one. Lord, you are truly our source, our fountain, our friend and our joy. Thank you so much for this adventure!

Originally we thought we would like to stay until the New Year and then re-assess the situation, but because of immigration and visas Bethany has to leave the country in November (as Mark and Adelaide are both citizens). There is a problem with that. There is no denying that November is not the end of the story for us in England. So, we’re going to COME BACK to England for a bit with the plan for Adelaide to start kindergarten in Canada, September 2012, staying the same.

We are very excited to be returning to Toronto from November 21st to January 3rd.

We’ll be around for Mark’s 30th birthday, Albert’s 30th birthday, Grandma’s birthday, CHRISTMAS! and New Year. Six whole weeks of fun with you all. It is going to be brilliant!

We’ll then return to England in January and stay roughly until end of June, which will make it just over a year that we’ve been here. We hope this doesn’t disappoint you too much. We do miss you, too. A lot. Pop us an email or set up a skype date if you want to chat about this. 

God has paved the way for us. Beth will be returning to England on a visa which enables her to generate an income while her application for her Italian passport is in process. She could be a citizen of the EU - wow. As borders are starting to close and tighten up all over the world it would be great for this to happen so pray for a speedy process. Beth knows that her Nonna would be very proud.

Thank you for your love, your comforting words and constant encouragement. You are our closest friends and we value you – can’t wait for quality time over our time in Toronto so that we can invest and pour out more of ourselves into our relationships with you. Honestly, you are on our minds and our hearts often. We bless you with every good thing your Father has for you as you run your race and enjoy your journey toward the prize above all prizes…He is pure love, our Jesus.


By the sea.

Our dear friends and family, 

We have been in England for just over a month now, and loving every moment of the adventure thus far. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging messages. They have carried us to a wonderful place. After visiting family for 9 days near Sheffield, we were blessed with a warm welcome from Kieron, Laura and The Well Church family. Here, we are right beside the sea. Everyday we walk out the door and see miles of sand. It is stunning. We have taken to cycling everywhere, which is going well - the rain caught us out only once so far. Beth is getting used to helmet hair :)

Adelaide attends Lytham Hall Park Nursery. It is a toddler group/preschool in a rather posh elementary school. She goes three half-days a week. In September she will go Mon, Tues, Wed mornings (9-12), and Thursday from 9-3:30pm. She talks about how much she loves the teachers, the reading corner with books and couches, and the garden where they grow veggies. 

We love meeting at The Well Church. It has been really life-giving and timely for us. We knew two of the young families when we arrived, but we’re now connected to the rest of the family and attending a small group on Monday nights. We dove into a young adults meeting called Quench that happens once a month. This past Sunday we led the worship and speaking at Quench which was a lot of fun. We have written another worship song specifically for Blackpool. God is on the move.

We feel so blessed to be released into this ministry so quickly. Beth has been attending the Alpha meetings on Wednesday nights which are very informal and draw all sorts of people from different walks of life. In September she is heading up The Well’s first youth Alpha course at a coffee shop nearby. It is really exciting as we miss being with the youth group back at home. Also, we have had loads of prophetic words about involvement in youth…and you all know that we are both just silly kids on the inside, really. 

Mark is tattooing three days a week at Primal Ink in St.Annes - another thing that easily fell into place. It is a clean, busy shop in the town centre, and the owner is lovely young chap who makes the cups of tea for clients while Mark (the only artist) tattoos. Neil, the owner, is craving the love of his Heavenly Daddy, and has really started to change/soften since Mark started there. 

Beth’s placement is at Blackpool Advocacy. It is a helpful resource for all Fylde coast residents, and the people that work there are incredibly passionate and commited. Beth is starting off doing mainly research assistant work until the end of July when she start to work with children who have witnessed domestic violence and with adults who have disabilities.  It is only a 25min bus ride and 10min walk away. 

We have explored Newark, Manchester and Preston since being here. Liverpool and Northern Ireland are next on the list for day outings/weekend trips. Also, Scotland with Beth’s mum at the end of July during her two week visit. Hooray!  

We bless you with overflowing Joy and overwhelming compassion as you read this. We love you. We miss you. Let us know what you’re up to! 


Childlike wonder